Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No science here

It was my intention, on starting this, to write more about physics. Sadly, for a while now I haven't actually done anything involving physics that people would actually be interested in. An experimental physicist, at my level at least, doesn't spend most of his time thinking about "science." He spends most of his time hunting for flaws in electronics, designing and building equipment, tweaking programs, and so on. This has its challenges and its pleasures, but it's not "physics."

Right now, I'm trying to deal with a buggy instrument in which noise overwhelms my signal, and I haven't thought about the "big picture" stuff for months. So I'm thinking about inflicting discussions of noise sources in scientific instruments on you readers instead--since I seem to be encountering them all. I haven't seen any web site that goes through this from an experimentalist's perspective, so maybe it would be helpful to someone.