Friday, November 18, 2005

Invading Iraq: was it a good idea?

Obviously you can have a huge debate over that subject. A lot of important people, myself included, have gone from being hawks on Iraq to thinking the whole thing was a terrible mistake. What I wonder is if anyone, anywhere, has gone the other way. I can't think of any. You'd think that if the occupation really was going well, as some people (*cough*Instapundit*cough*) insist, you'd see at least a few doves changing their minds.

I guess the hawkish response could be that people had unrealistic expectations for how well the war and occupation would go, but what does that say about how the war was planned and sold?

I think they have to stick with the old standby, blaming the Liberal Media.

(No doubt there are a few doves who praised Bush two months after the invasion when he was putting up Mission Accomplished banners. The question is, are they still doing it?)