Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What was he thinking?

I don't understand the mentality of people like FEMA head Michael Brown. He had to know he was completely unqualified to run the agency. He had to know that thousands of lives depended on his job performance. Was he so clueless that he genuinely thought he could do a good job? Did he just not care about the potential victims?

Here is the latest on Brown's incompetence.

UPDATE: I just remembered this article.

People who do things badly, Dunning has found in studies conducted with a graduate student, Justin Kruger, are usually supremely confident of their abilities -- more confident, in fact, than people who do things well...

One reason that the ignorant also tend to be the blissfully self-assured, the researchers believe, is that the skills required for competence often are the same skills necessary to recognize competence.

Clearly, the skills needed to get a job in the Bush administration don't have much relationship to the skills required to perform that job well. The Bush appointees for head of FEMA were, successively, his 2000 campaign manager Joseph Allbough and Michael Brown, who got the position by having been Allbough's college roommate.

SECOND UPDATE: The same question about incompetence applies to FEMA's number 2 and number 3 men, both Bush cronies.